HawkSoft: New Beginnings in New Bern

HawkSoft New Bern Open House - May 2, 2019

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Gardens begin to bloom, animals’ young open their eyes for the very first time, and the rest of the earth awakens...

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Reflections on Fifteen Years with HawkSoft

Darrin DeFouw is HawkSoft’s most tenured current employee (outside of our co-founders). Today is his last day at HawkSoft before he pursues a new path outside the company. HawkSoft is pleased to...

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6-point handbook on how to integrate core values into company culture and processes

HawkSoft core values are displayed on two office walls; a daily reminder to employees of our mission to each other and our customers.

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How a strong company culture led to a 3-peat on Top 100 Workplaces list and 4.4-star Glassdoor rating

HawkSoft Professional Services Team

Open secret: HawkSoft’s unique company culture is a key driver of our success. Our culture has landed us a three-peat of the Top 100 Workplaces in Oregon...

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