HawkSoft becomes the first AMS to support Agriculture/Farm policy downloads in partnership with Ivans and AUGIE

Working in conjunction with AUGIE, Ivans, and the industry to create Agricultural standards for policy downloads, HawkSoft is proud to announce that the HawkSoft Insurance Platform can now receive Agricultural and Farm downloads as their own dedicated download type, including farm schedules and other policy-specific data. This move makes HawkSoft the first agency management system to support a specialized download format for Agriculture/Farm policies.  

Previously, carriers that sold Agricultural insurance had only one way to download these policies to agencies: as commercial packages. Although this helped agents to reduce manual data entry into their agency management system, it did not manage farm schedules or the specifics of the agency’s Agri book of business very well, if at all.

Several national carriers are already in discussions to begin sending downloads for Agriculture/Farm policies using this new format, and HawkSoft is working with AUGIE and Ivans to invite more carriers to do so. This move will help the entire insurance value chain – including agents, insureds, and carriers – exchange faster and more accurate real-time information for Agriculture and Farm policies.

“HawkSoft has supported companies and agents who sell Agricultural and Farm products for a long time,” comments Jerry Fox, VP of Carrier Relations at HawkSoft, who has been involved in the effort. “With the new Agribusiness standards, we are excited to provide our agents with more detailed and usable data. This is a game changer for those agents selling Agricultural risks.”

Jeff Joseph of Mitchell-Joseph Insurance in New York, whose agency uses HawkSoft to manage their insurance business that supports farms, agrees on the impact of receiving better data via download for Agricultural policies. “As a significant writer of Farm insurance,” he says, “selecting a management system that has an Agricultural module was important to us. That is how we chose HawkSoft over all other systems in 2016. Now, with the advent of downloading as a Farm policy instead of a commercial package, that decision is all the more prescient! Thank you to HawkSoft for once again maximizing the value of the Agricultural module and making the data management of these policies that much easier.”

If you would like to be part of the discussion and group advocating for the expansion of Agri download, please contact:

Cal Durland, CPCU
Director of AUGIE and the Ivans Agency Customer Success team

Jerry Fox
VP Carrier Relations, HawkSoft





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