Labor Day - "hard work" in the modern era

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn.

Our forefathers knew the meaning of hard work. They didn’t have a choice. Tilling fields, milking cows, carrying bale, chasing chickens, and walking...

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3 things agents should learn about cyber insurance and 4 steps to selling it.

This cartoon originally appeared in the Central Penn Business Journal. Used with permission.

“Alexa, activate level 10 cybersecurity defenses, now! And get me my insurance agent.”

Maybe, one day,...

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Up close and personal - the path to superior customer experience

“You’re the HawkSoft guy, aren’t you?”

“I am. My name is Nick, and I’m one of the Senior CSRs.”


On the morning of March 15, a Senior HawkSoft CSR walked into an insurance agency in the rural...
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6-point handbook on how to integrate core values into company culture and processes

HawkSoft core values are displayed on two office walls; a daily reminder to employees of our mission to each other and our customers.

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How a strong company culture led to a 3-peat on Top 100 Workplaces list and 4.4-star Glassdoor rating

HawkSoft Professional Services Team

Open secret: HawkSoft’s unique company culture is a key driver of our success. Our culture has landed us a three-peat of the Top 100 Workplaces in Oregon...

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Celebrating Women in Insurance: How Two Female Agency Owners Overcame Gender Inequality 

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It’s not Doomsday yet… The Big D of Differentiation

Source: Shutterstock

There are a lot of  Ds  in the insurance industry lingo these days. The most concerning is talk about the  d emise of the independent insurance agent due to InsurTech  d ... Read More

How to use the Net Promoter Score survey to increase customer retention

5% increase in retention can lead to 25%-95% increase in profit(Source: Bain & Company)

Harvard Business Review says, “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive...

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HawkSoft and 23 NYCRR Part 500, New York's Cybersecurity Regulation

HawkSoft allows agencies in New York using our agency management system to be compliant with New York's cybersecurity regulation for data encryption. We aren't resting there, though. We are...
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Deciphering Cybersecurity for Your Agency


Cybersecurity is a big topic with many aspects to consider. This article aims to bring clarity about three areas of cybersecurity as it relates to independent insurance agencies. In that...

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