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Preface from HawkSoft's Director of Partner Integrations, Kenny Hendricks

Hello readers! Traditionally, I volunteer to give an update on the HawkSoft API Partner program once a year – as I did in February of this year. The last seven months have seen such significant growth in our API efforts that we felt it called for an extra update in 2023. One major growth area has been in the proficiency of our new Technical Coordinator for Partner Integrations, Keenan Puncocher. The significance of this three-fourths-year update is largely technical and therefore I’m going to pass the reins over to Keenan to deliver a stack of good news about new API Partners, expansion of agency use of API integrations, and the bright new horizon of our Partner API Version 3.0. Enjoy!


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State of the API Program

2023 has been a busy and productive year for the API Partner Program. At the time of writing, HawkSoft has a total of 22 API Partners, 12 of which are two-way API integrations (they leverage the ability to send activities done in the partner’s program back to HawkSoft in the form of log notes and attachments). We continue to receive positive feedback from agencies about the usefulness and time-saving components associated with partners utilizing the write-back capabilities.

Agencies are continuing to utilize our API Partners with more and more frequency. Over 38% of our total agencies are currently subscribed to at least one API Partner in HawkSoft Marketplace, and over 25% are subscribed to two or more API Partners. These numbers continue to increase monthly as independent agencies embrace unique tech stacks to complement their core HawkSoft Insurance Platform. We see our most forward-looking and successful agencies using technology to assist with every aspect of their businesses.


New API Partners

Year to date, HawkSoft has added four new API Partners into the fold, all of which launched with two-way API integration.

Adapt API
Adapt API automates repetitive servicing work, bridging data directly from carriers into HawkSoft so agencies can focus on higher-value tasks. They are the only product in the market that can bridge non-download documents and notices directly from carriers into your management system.

Fize Technology
Fize provides the ability to instantly collect and verify a customer's current insurance policy via secure data sync. This simplifies the customer’s experience and enables a quicker, more relevant quote in seconds. HawkSoft agents will receive access to current and prior declaration pages across all personal lines.

Lightspeed Voice
Lightspeed Voice is HawkSoft’s first API Partner in the VOIP space to make use of two-way API integration, providing crystal-clear voice technology with a full suite of features. Using the write-back functionality of the API, call data is automatically documented to HawkSoft, including a link to call recordings in the log note.

ValChoice is a unique add-on for agencies that delivers new business and increased profitability. Utilizing thousands of data points, ValChoice provides carrier evaluations to help agencies make quality decisions over price decisions. This can lead to more satisfied customers, increased retention, and more profitable agencies.


Each of these partners is distinctly unique and provides invaluable services that can help any independent insurance agency. We are thrilled to welcome each to the HawkSoft Partner Program. Agencies can expect to see additional API Partners added throughout the remainder of 2023.


Dedicated partner pages

Another significant milestone in the Partner Program is the work that’s been done on the dedicated partner pages for each partner on HawkSoft’s Partner page. Clicking the “Learn More” button on any API Partner now leads to a detail page that contains a wide variety of helpful information that is specific to that partner.

This empowers our agencies to get a better understanding of what features a partner provides and how they may help an agency grow. An embedded video that shows how the integration with HawkSoft functions will also be added to each page soon. This project has been in the works for some time, and we are excited to be able to share it with you!



HawkSoft Partner API Version 3.0

The first components of HawkSoft’s ambitious cloud project were the introductions of HawkSoft Cloud (storage of HawkSoft data for API access) and our current Partner API (the way HawkSoft’s API partners access that data). With the HawkSoft 6 cloud platform rolling out now, the Partner API is receiving a major update that utilizes the new cloud data model at work in HawkSoft 6. This latest version of the Partner API is known as Version 3.0.

HawkSoft’s development team has made a concerted effort to limit the overall requirements for a partner or agency to begin adopting Version 3.0 of the Partner API as our customers transition to HawkSoft 6. This was done to avoid any potential disruptions in the integration capabilities and to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible. While Version 3.0 is designed for agencies on HawkSoft 6, it is also compatible with agencies who are currently using HawkSoft 5, meaning it provides backward and forward compatibility for HawkSoft’s API Partners.


API enhancements in Version 3.0

Many enhancements have been made to the overall data structure in Version 3.0 to make the API easier to use, interpret, and implement, including the following:

  • Data is more concisely organized in a straightforward way that matches the data structure of a client in HawkSoft.

  • It provides specific timestamps for when a client or policy was last modified (a highly requested feature), making it easier for our Partners to update the relevant information rather than needing to review the entire data structure.

  • More data points and fields have been added or updated to create a more comprehensive overview of policy and client data.
    • DisplayOrder: Renamed to Priority. Contacts are no longer explicitly ordered. Some contacts may have the same priority value. A higher value means the contact is higher priority and should be used before other contacts with a lower value.
    • Coverages: This list now contains all coverages for the policy. Coverages that were previously found on Lines of Business, Autos, etc. are all contained in this list, and will have an appropriate Parent Type and Parent Id.
    • Vehicles and Drivers: This list now contains all Personal and Commercial Auto Vehicles and Drivers in a policy. In the previous version, Autos and Boats were found on the Vehicle/Drivers list on each Line of Business. Autos and Boats have been separated and moved up to the Policy level. Each V3 Auto will have a Line of Business Id linking it to a Line of Business on the Policy.
    • Tasks: Tasks replace the previous Suspenses and add new optional functionality. Users can be assigned by email instead of only initials. Tasks also have a Title and Description field that can be used to provide more detail than a Suspense allowed.

  • Future enhancements and upgrades will be easier to implement, including additional HawkSoft data fields or expanded write-back functionality.

While the Partner API now includes these capabilities, it is up to our API Partners to update their APIs to make use of the new Version 3.0 functionality. This can be done using the documentation provided in the following section. The Partner API will continue to undergo significant improvements in the future to provide opportunities for ever-evolving integrations between HawkSoft and our Partners.


Version 3.0 documentation

This section is for technical geeks like me who want to dive into the details. Most agencies don’t see the inner workings of the Partner API, and simply enable API integrations through the HawkSoft Marketplace. This information is most pertinent to our partners who develop APIs with HawkSoft, and any agencies who build their own custom API integrations.

We are delighted to announce that the Partner API Version 3.0 documentation is fully web-based and accessible to both partners and interested agencies. For those of you who have obtained the previous Partner API documentation, you may recall how cumbersome the process was and the difficulty associated with navigating a 60+ page PDF document. That is now a thing of the past!

The new website is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand library that can greatly streamline the time to obtain documentation, as well as implement the API for our partners and agencies. It includes a comprehensive suite of helpful information for any partner or agency:

  • Complete documentation for Version 3.0 and the previous version of the Partner API.
  • Detailed descriptions of each API request, how to format the requests, an expected response with potential response codes, and a JSON code that can be easily copied.
  • An upgrade guide that provides the key changes between both versions, including data fields that have been added, removed, or changed.
  • A "Getting Started" section that provides information on how to become a new API Partner.
  • A best practices section that can help those who are new to HawkSoft or the Partner API better understand how to navigate the details.


   See API Version 3.0 documentation   


Open documentation, vetted API access

HawkSoft is removing our requirement for a signed Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement before providing access to documentation. Using our new site, Partners and agencies can now access our Partner API documentation openly. It is important to note that we continue to define our APIs as “Partner” APIs, now with open documentation. This means that to obtain access to interact with the API (for testing or production use), credentials must still be generated and distributed by HawkSoft in line with our API Partner program.

HawkSoft strives to be a company that is transparent and easy to collaborate with. The efforts to provide this public-facing documentation are a further commitment to this mission.


Let’s integrate!

If you're interested in accessing the latest Partner API documentation or exploring integration opportunities with HawkSoft, kindly send an email to opportunities@hawksoft.com. For any of our existing API Partners or agencies doing custom API work, I am happy to discuss how to start testing and evaluating Version 3.0 for your needs.

This is a very exciting time for HawkSoft’s Partner Program, and the future is bright; we can’t wait to continue our transition to the cloud!




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Keenan Puncocher

Author: Keenan Puncocher

Keenan is HawkSoft's Partner Integration Technical Coordinator. He assists HawkSoft's API Partners in setting up and maintaining API integration with HawkSoft.

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