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From documentation to policy management to client communication to sales and retention, the task-heavy nature of maintaining an independent insurance agency can be overwhelming. With approximately 36,000 independent insurance agencies clients have to choose from, according to a 2020 Big I and Future One study, policyholders have lots of options for their family's insurance coverage needs. And that's not counting the over 5,000 insurance companies in the U.S. alone. In short, if a client doesn't like what they're getting from their agent or doesn't get it in a timely manner, they'll simply take their business to another independent agent or direct insurer for better, faster service and claim coverage.

For independent insurance agents to keep their clients loyal - and establish new relationships with prospective buyers - workflows must be as seamless as possible so insurance agents can focus on addressing their clients' needs promptly and delivering on customer service satisfaction. 

With a comprehensive insurance agency management system, insurance agents can devote more of their energies to serving the needs of their customers.


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What is an agency management system and what benefits does it provide?

An insurance agency management system is insurance software that helps independent agencies to more effectively manage their day-to-day business operations, such as insurance accounting, rating, report creation, policy and claims management, or commissions processing. It's said that many hands make for light work; an agency system software solution provides those "hands" by arming your insurance agency with the capabilities and automation technology that increases agility, visibility, and productivity. Powerful agency management software is your most valuable asset because it sets up your agents - and agency - for success.

Much like insurance and the variety of insurance companies that exist, agency management systems aren't all built the same. Granted, the stated benefits of an agency management system tend to be similar. These include:

  • Tracking prospects and clients 
  • Managing leads
  • Streamlining commissions
  • Identifying cross-sell opportunities
  • Improving reporting capabilities
  • Policy and claims servicing and tracking

It's one thing to say that these advantages are available; it's quite another to deliver. Fortunately, HawkSoft does both.


Why HawkSoft?

Since 1995, HawkSoft has specialized in comprehensive agency management system software. Made by and for independent insurance agents, the insurance agency software developed by HawkSoft is what insurance agencies turn to for the kind of value and feature-rich capabilities that they can't get anywhere else when it comes to improving business processes. 

Here are a few of the ways your agency will experience revolutionary efficiency with our software in place. We're confident you'll consider it your MVE: most valuable employee. 


Increase retention and customer satisfaction

Regardless of the insurance product, retention doesn't come easily. This is especially true for policyholders whose insurance needs must adapt due to life changes. According to a 2021 study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, just 36% of young people (i.e. millennials and Generation Z) who transition from homeowner insurance to renter insurance wind up staying with the same insurer. This often affects independent agents if they don't write business with their client's new insurer.

Central to retention is building and strengthening client relationships. By automating manual workflows, HawkSoft's agency management system provides more opportunities for agents to build meaningful, lasting connections so clients are more inclined to stay put. These enhanced communications - such as batch emailing, correspondence templates, and integrated texting with desktop notifications - may be done one on one, through community outreach or targeted marketing efforts. Understanding and responding to the insurance needs of clients, and how they change over time, breeds satisfaction. 

Additionally, with HawkSoft’s Uprate Alerts feature, agents will be notified when clients’ premiums are increasing so you can give them immediate attention.


Enhance overall output and productivity

For an insurance agency management system to be your most valuable asset, it has to be a workhorse. HawkSoft's solution fits that label to a tee through the power of automation. For instance, with HawkLink for Google Chrome, automating tedious data entry gives agents more opportunity to take care of other mission critical tasks that require thought and human touch. The many automation capabilities of HawkSoft's agency management system can boost productivity by eliminating manual processes that naturally take longer to complete.


Grow your bottom line

As the old saying goes, time is money; relying on manual processes for activities like paper filing and document retrieval prevents agents from performing more critical, value-added services that can lead to more sales immediately or down the line. When you add up all the documents that your team handles in the average workday - and the time spent manually filing them - the costs can run in the tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what your agents earn on an hourly basis. 

But automation isn't the only way to grow your bottom line with Hawksoft's agency management system. For instance, with our Sales Pipeline, agents can see where within the sales process prospects are. Also, with our Agency Intelligence report system, agents can track critical agency key performance indicators quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, with retention and cross-sell reports, agents are able to identify where they are winning or losing customers and to whom they can market additional lines of business. Plus, with API integrations, agents can add more systems as their agency grows and customize their technology stack in a manner that works best and makes sense. 


Design your day

With only so many hours in a workday, insurance agents need a plan of attack to get the most done that they can. The HawkSoft agency management system serves as a taskmaster by seamlessly establishing what they need to prioritize and when. It also will remind agents of upcoming events or assignments with customized alerts as the hour - or day - approaches. 


Enjoy ultra high ROI

Any asset - not just an agency management system - should give your agency the most bang for its buck. HawkSoft's agency management does that by bundling a plethora of capabilities all in one system, including document storage, invoicing and accounting, batch email marketing, policy management workflows and a comprehensive library of ACORD forms. Whereas many other systems charge separately for add-on capabilities, HawkSoft includes all core features as part of the package.  


Do more with data

Insurance is as much about quality as it is about quantity. It's also a very customized product, designed to fit the needs of a client, not the other way around. The HawkSoft agency management system offers a robust diversity of data points and analytics so agents can identify at what stage their contacts are in the sales process. Once this is established, agents can break out sales and renewals in different ways. 

Additionally, with HawkLink for Google Chrome, managing that data couldn't be simpler. HawkLink floods policyholder data from HawkSoft into carrier websites. And with the permission-based user setup, you're in control of which staff has access to what data. 

With HawkSoft, your agency has complete ownership of your data - it's right in our Terms & Conditions. Even if you decide to leave HawkSoft, we'll provide you with a copy of your data without demanding extravagant "data extraction" fees.


Say goodbye to long-term contracts and early termination fees

Agency management software vendors are notorious for locking an agency in for a year or two at a time, doing so to offset their costs to acquire customers. That's never the case with HawkSoft. When you choose our software system, you make the decisions for how long to sign on. There are no term-based contracts, nor early termination fees to worry about. 


Discover untapped growth opportunities

A successful agency isn't just a product of productivity or accomplishing the work you set out to do; it's also about identifying ways to improve. Our agency management system regularly measures and reports on the health of your business and specifies in what areas of your business you may be able to do better than you're doing currently.  



Whether you're an agency owner, an agent yourself, or a broker, your agency management system shouldn't just meet your expectations; it should exceed them. That's what HawkSoft promises to deliver; the business processes specified are truly just the beginning. Visit our Guides & Brochures section for more information on HawkSoft, and learn about our integration partners. If you have questions, contact us today or schedule a demo for a more in-depth tutorial of the HawkSoft difference. 




Get help choosing the right platform for your agency

Read our white paper on 5 questions agencies wish they had asked before choosing an agency management system for tips on what to look for when choosing a technology platform for your agency. 

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