Boosting Agents to Infinity and Beyond with Enhanced Claims Downloads

Paul Hawkins (Founder and CEO HawkSoft) with Buzz Lightyear


1995 was a notable year. HawkSoft and Buzz Lightyear both began their blast into the future. Twenty-two years later, we are still committed to improving the lives of our customers to infinity and beyond. Claims Downloads is our most recent innovation in our efforts to keep agents on the cutting-edge of insurance technology. What’s even better is that we have remained committed to delivering the extraordinary customer service that’s become synonymous with HawkSoft.

So far in 2017, we’ve released three major software updates containing dozens of new features and enhancements including a dashboard of strategic operational metrics with Agency Intelligence, an integrated Home and Auto comparative rater with HawkSoft Rater, and an automatic way of receiving real-time claims info direct from the carrier with Claims Downloads.

Every HawkSoft enhancement is designed to improve an agency’s ability to manage the client, carrier, and policy information highway.


Why Make Claims Better?

During the 2017 HUG (HawkSoft User Group) Conference, keynote speaker Jason Cass said the modern insurance agent spends too much time behind their desk doing back-end office work. Our industry requires thorough documentation and a whole heck of a lot of paperwork. When poorly managed, this back-end work gets in the way of interacting with clients and finding new ones to protect.

HawkSoft is committed to automating as much of the back-end work as possible. One area we recently improved was Claims Downloads because real-time claims automation can save the agencies hundreds of hours per year (source:

“There is no better time for an agency to enhance its relationship with a customer than at the time of a claim. Having claim information readily available in the management system is an important first step in the effort.”

Clare DeNicola
President/CEO, IVANS


Putting Agents Back in the Driver’s Seat

HawkSoft Claims Downloads puts agents back in the driver's seat

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Claims on auto-pilot

We’ve all been there – learning about a client loss days after  the client filed the claim with the carrier. Not only are you late to the game, this is a missed opportunity to strengthen your client relationships. The most recent HawkSoft CMS update puts agents back in the driver’s seat by delivering real-time information so agents can be proactive during a customer's most critical time of need. Agents become an instant resource for their clients, instead of leaving the client to face a rotating cast of faceless claims adjustors in a call center.

Eliminate missed client opportunities with Claims Downloads:

  • Update existing claims
  • Create a new claim if it doesn’t exist on the policy
  • Create claims from unmatched downloads
  • Preserve claim information when you move a policy

Auto-routing claims with download rules

HawkSoft’s Download Rules (which you can set separately for Personal and Commercial Lines) enable auto-routing of claims to the responsible agent, or automatically setting the claim for review.


Easier tracking of information

The Client tab now gathers all Claims information from across a client’s policies in one place. You get quick access and robust control over tracking the wealth of information that floods your client work files from daily Claims Downloads, including:

  • Claims #, Risk Name, Loss Data and Amount
  • Status and Litigation Status, Payment History and Details
  • Adjustors’ and Claims Contacts’ contact information (including multiple phone numbers and/or email addresses)
  • Notes added by the carrier
  • Staff can also manually enter data

Agents love the new Claims Downloads!

Don't take our word for it. Listen to how agencies love being able to proactively decide how to best serve their customers' needs, at the precise time of need.

“What is nice with the new Claim Downloads is that if you have an ongoing claim that is going nowhere, I'm now getting feedback from adjustors and carriers as they talk to the client. I can see the progress being made. I can choose to watch or get involved, depending on the situation.

The way we handle claims in HawkSoft is significantly better now with Claims Downloads.”

Ken Brenk
Brenk & Company Insurance Services, Inc.

Wait! How Do I Know If My Carriers Send Claims Downloads?

Check whether or not your preferred carriers send Claims Downloads here on our website. If a carrier is not there, we encourage our customers to contact their carrier rep and let them know how much better their agency would be with Claims Downloads from them. When in doubt, HawkSoft can help facilitate these conversations.


…And Beyond. What’s Next?

In 1995 HawkSoft launched into the world of insurance technology to create an independent management system for real insurance professionals. Like Buzz Lightyear, we’ve been striving to go to infinity and beyond ever since to set the benchmark for agency management systems. Stay tuned for the next round of updates coming to HawkSoft next month.


HawkSoft Marketing Editorial Team

Author: HawkSoft Marketing Editorial Team

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