See what agencies are saying about HawkSoft 6!


This page compiles thoughts and feedback from agencies about our new HawkSoft 6 cloud platform that is rolling out to new and existing customers this year. Take a look at what agencies are saying about HawkSoft 6!


Videos from agencies who have moved from HawkSoft Online to the HawkSoft 6 cloud platform 


Migrating from HawkSoft 5 to HawkSoft 6

Want to hear more? Watch the full interviews from Poinsett and B.I.G. 


“I love everything about HawkSoft 6. It has simplified my life!”
Santos Portillo, The B.I.G. Insurance Agency


Using the new & enhanced features in HawkSoft 6





 “The way the new trust accounting integration brings transactions into QuickBooks online has drastically increased productivity of getting through direct bill and agency bill.”

T.J. Camp, Poinsett General Insurance Agency


Log Notes


“HawkSoft 6 is easy to use and intuitive. Pulling reports is much faster now!”

T.J. Camp, Poinsett General Insurance Agency



Interview with the first new agency to use HawkSoft 6

Kelly Endicott,  president of the HawkSoft User Group, interviewed Sager Insurance, the first new customer to onboard on HawkSoft 6, about the process and how they're liking the features & functionality of HawkSoft 6. Watch the video to see their thoughts!




Feedback from agencies at HUG 2023 National Conference

Agencies who attended the 2023 HUG National Conference in Austin TX in April had the chance to attend sessions about the new and enhanced features in HawkSoft 6, and try out a demo version of the system themselves. See what agencies think about HawkSoft 6 and how it compares to previous versions of HawkSoft! 

Video: What are you most excited for in HawkSoft 6? 

Hear the thoughts of agencies who used HawkSoft 6 at HUG National Conference.


What is your favorite feature or element of HawkSoft 6?

Answers from agencies after seeing and using HawkSoft 6 at 2023 HUG National Conference


“The accounting. It’s going to be amazing. I can't wait. And log notes - it's going to be quick, things are highlighted so you don't have to read through or search.”

- Lori Wood, First Associated Insurance Agencies Inc


“I'm excited to see the new layouts and see how log notes and tags are simplified. We have some complicated accounts where the client may be purchasing a new property and adding a vehicle and quoting a driver and getting an umbrella in a single interaction. So having those [activity] tags, I think that's going to benefit us.”

- Joel Dunham, Ovation Insurance


“Speed. The speed of the overall system, the speed when you're making changes, when you're attaching, when you're running reports is going to be a big deal.”

– Sig Schatz, Schatz Insurance


“Automatic downloads. The ability to access the data from anywhere that I have an internet connection. The ability to have all the integrations all in one place functioning automatically is going to be the key to helping us because it will be a big timesaver.”

-George Edwin Park, Jr, Park Family Insurance


“The integration of tasks over suspenses is going to be a huge change. The fact that you can suspend or task multiple things to multiple people, so everybody has their hands in the jar to figure it all out. I think it's going to be a huge change and everybody's going to be more integrated with every task that they have.”

-Sam Keegan, Cedar Risk Management


"It’s really exciting to see the new capabilities and how it’s going to help with the workflow of our company. The activity menu and tasks updates could be a game changer – like being able to assign a task to different people."

- Nancy Basinger, Wiles Insurance Agency


"I love the fact that with tasks everything is so separated, which gives you more flexibility within each area. I like the innovation and that we can see the potential of what’s coming!"

- Teresa Crane, Crane Group Inc


"It’s exciting to see what’s going to be available, and we are really looking forward to the functionality. The reports are phenomenal – how quickly it’s going to run and that you can go back to old reports - we’re pretty excited about that."

- Kevin Cook, Pickett Insurance Agency



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