New Features in HawkSoft E-Signature, May 2019

HawkSoft E-Signature (powered by InsureSign) is a fast and easy-to-use e-Signature tool designed with insurance professionals in mind. Our integrated e-Signature solution is being upgraded in May with the following 5 additional features.

HawkSoft E-Signature

New features introduced in May 2019

  1. Send documents for signature via text message
    Send signing requests via text message to your customers. Research shows customers respond faster to text messages than email.

  2. In-person signing
    Your customers can electronically sign documents in person via any supported tablet or mobile device.

  3. Reusable Forms
    Reusable documents are perfect for situations of self service by the recipient, such as a job application or release of liability waiver. The document is hosted at a URL on your website and can be filled out and signed again and again.

  4. Advanced Branding / Custom Landing Page
    After signing, redirect your customers to a custom page like your agency’s home page, customer survey, social media, or review website.

  5. Gmail and Microsoft Outlook contact integration
    Connect your Gmail or Outlook contacts so that you can quickly send documents to customers for digital signature.


These features add to the existing array of beneficial tools in HawkSoft E-Signature for independent insurance agents: unlimited signatures, the ability to sign on any device or browser, included audit trails, and support for PDFs, Word documents, and Excel files.


Learn more about HawkSoft E-Signature here.


HawkSoft Marketing Editorial Team

Author: HawkSoft Marketing Editorial Team

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