Changes to HawkSoft Text Messaging due to 10DLC


HawkSoft has implemented changes to HawkSoft Text Messaging in order to comply with the new 10DLC policies established by wireless carriers to regulate business texting through local 10-digit numbers. See an explanation of 10DLC policies here.

Subsequently, the following changes went into effect on 9/1/21 for all agencies using HawkSoft Text Messaging:


$20/month fee per agency for HawkSoft Text Messaging

10DLC policies allow wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) to charge a number of additional fees—including per-message surcharges, one-time brand and campaign registration fees, monthly campaign fees, and non-compliance fines—to texting platforms (such as HawkSoft Text Messaging) that use business texting on 10DLC routes. Learn more about the fees associated with 10DLC here.

In order to cover these additional costs, HawkSoft will charge a monthly $20 fee per agency for HawkSoft Text Messaging, with no limit on users or the number of texts that may be sent. This monthly fee will be added to HawkSoft invoices for agencies with HawkSoft Text Messaging enabled. Agencies can cancel HawkSoft Text Messaging at any time if they no longer wish to pay the fee.


Additional information required to register agencies with The Campaign Registry (TCR)

Wireless carriers are requiring texting platforms to register each brand (i.e., agency) and campaign (type of messages sent) with The Campaign Registry (TCR), a sanctioned third party that establishes common standards for 10DLC messaging. Learn more about brand and campaign registration here.

HawkSoft now requires agencies to submit the necessary registration information through a 10DLC Registration Form in order to enable HawkSoft Text Messaging. HawkSoft makes this process as easy as possible for your agency by submitting the registration to TCR once you provide the required information.

After you submit the form, you will receive an email from HawkSoft once your registration is complete (may take 2-5 business days). We encourage you to submit the form as soon as possible upon enabling HawkSoft Text Messaging for your agency, as the feature will not be turned on until this process has been completed.


Main Number Texting now available on request

As a benefit for your agency, HawkSoft now allows your agency to request to use your main agency phone number for texting, rather than a separate number with your local area code as is the default process. This allows you to have one phone number for both calling and texting clients, and makes it easier for clients to recognize messages from your agency.

On the 10DLC registration form completed during texting setup, there is a place for you to request Main Number Texting if desired. HawkSoft provides a white glove service to personally assist your agency with this process. Please be aware of the following information about requesting Main Number Texting:

  • HawkSoft will contact agencies in the order requests were submitted  (may take 7-30 business days after submitting the form) to begin the process of obtaining your agency’s phone number for texting. We recommend you submit the form as soon as possible so that you can reserve your place in the queue.

  • HawkSoft will work with your agency to obtain your phone number from the service provider and/or any other service utilizing the number for texting. The timeline for this process may vary depending on the service provider, the agency's individual needs and circumstances, and other factors. There may be some cases in which a number cannot be obtained from the provider for use by HawkSoft Text Messaging.

  • We strongly encourage you to contact your phone provider directly to alert them that you have given HawkSoft permission to use the texting-specific portion of your phone number. This step can reduce the turnaround time for securing your number, and can help prevent possible disruptions with texting in the future. 

  • A one-time non-refundable setup fee of $99 will be added to your agency’s HawkSoft invoice after the number has been confirmed functional for texting. You will not be charged the fee if the number cannot be obtained for texting use.

  • If you were previously using HawkSoft Text Messaging with a separate texting number, your opt-ins and texting history from the previous number will still be visible in HawkSoft after you have been transitioned to your agency number. However, please be aware that if customers send texts to your previous texting number, you will no longer receive them. We encourage you to make all texting customers aware that your agency's texting number has changed.


Self-service cancellation for HawkSoft Text Messaging

HawkSoft has added an option for self-service cancellation of HawkSoft Text Messaging from within the HawkSoft Marketplace. You may cancel this feature at any time if you wish to no longer pay the monthly fee, and may download a free copy of your texting history if desired. Upon cancellation, all texting data for your agency will be deleted from HawkSoft. 

Instructions for cancelling HawkSoft Text Messaging

  1. In HawkSoft, go to the gear icon in the top right corner and select Marketplace.


  2. Go to the HawkSoft Text Messaging section and click the Manage button. Then, on the HawkSoft Text Messaging page, click the Manage Subscription button. 


  3.  On the HawkSoft Text Messaging Settings page, click the Cancel HawkSoft Texting link underneath Manage Subscription


  4. Follow the prompts to download a copy of your text message history and attachments if desired and confirm cancellation of your texting service.
    Note: We strongly recommend you download your text message history and attachments, as all texting data will be deleted from HawkSoft servers once you cancel. 


Contact us for help

If you have any questions about these changes to HawkSoft Text Messaging or need help adding HawkSoft Text Messaging to your HawkSoft service, please contact our Product Support team. We're happy to help!




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