Conversion Manager, Leslee Wilcox, converts from HawkSoft to retirement


After being a valued asset to the HawkSoft family for almost 11 years, Leslee Wilcox is embarking on a new adventure, retirement! She has helped build and strengthen the data conversion department, one of the cornerstones for an agency's success when they sign up with HawkSoft. The entire HawkSoft family is grateful for Leslee’s years of service. With exciting plans for her future, Leslee shares some parting thoughts about her time at HawkSoft.

I started with HawkSoft on December 29, 2008, and I remember thinking, “Why would they start me 2 days before the end of the year?” I had been trying to talk Sean Hawkins (who also happens to be my son-in-law) into hiring me for ten years. I guess I finally wore him down!

At that time our office was located near the Aurora State Airport in Oregon. After a year or two, we grew to add another building at a golf course, and finally to our big, beautiful two-story brick building in Canby, Oregon. I was hired to handle the conversion of data for agencies who are transitioning into HawkSoft from other management systems. Our conversion programmer was leaving to finish law school, so I had to learn very quickly about all of his responsibilities.

I knew nothing about HawkSoft. My task was to absorb all the workings of our system so I could map data from the other systems into ours. I also didn’t know anything about the insurance industry, so I quickly became educated about policies, underwriting, coverages, and a million other minutiae so I could determine what data mapped into the corresponding HawkSoft fields. One thing that I did know very well is databases and how to query and manage information. So that is where I started.

I have grown tremendously with HawkSoft, as has our department. My one-person team is now 5 1⁄2 (we borrow a developer occasionally from our development team). We have completed over 1,000 conversions from a variety of different management systems. We are always improving and adding to our conversion process so we can convert as much data as possible. My department does more than conversions now. We handle a variety of tasks relating to HawkSoft data. I am very pleased with what we have built.

IMG_20181024_133100515Data Conversion Team

I have been impressed with the wonderful company that Paul Hawkins, Sean Hawkins, and Jason Hanson have built, even before I ever became a part of it. I have known the family for over 20 years since my daughter married Sean. The company is more than just a fun place to work. Everyone associated with HawkSoft is “family.” We treat customers and employees as family. The environment encourages innovation, growth, and sharing. We listen to our customers and strive to create a product that will help them manage and grow their own businesses. We want our technology to be so easy that our customers can do what they do best – have the time to take care of THEIR customers.

So, after 10 ½ years with HawkSoft and a very long career in the software industry, retirement knocks at the door. I have 18 beautiful grandchildren and I intend to enjoy them as much as I can. My husband and I also plan to serve a mission for our Church so we can serve our fellowman. 

I have loved every minute of working at HawkSoft. I have enjoyed the wonderful people I have been able to associate with, whether they are fellow HawkSoftonians or our fabulous customers.  I have said for years that HawkSoft is the best place I have ever worked (and I have worked as a programmer for many different companies). I still stand by that statement. 

Thank you, HawkSoft, for all you do. Thank you for everyone you touch. Thank you, Paul, Sean, and Jason for the wonderful times we have shared together. I may no longer come to HawkSoft every day, but I will never forget my time here!

HawkSoft is grateful for Leslee’s years of service. If you have ever had the pleasure to interact with Leslee, whether as a colleague or as a customer, we invite you to share stories or well wishes in the comments below.

Leslee Wilcox

Author: Leslee Wilcox

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