New Features in HawkSoft E-Signature, May 2019

HawkSoft E-Signature (powered by InsureSign) is a fast and easy-to-use e-Signature tool designed with insurance professionals in mind. Our integrated e-Signature solution is being upgraded in May...

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Update on HawkSoft's Partner API

This is a technical read, but it is worth it if you believe (as we do) that our Partner API is a central part to HawkSoft's future. The drawing above will make more sense by the end.

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Customize the Sales Pipeline in HawkSoft 4 (Bonus: Sales Pipeline Infographic)

(Source: Shutterstock)

HawkSoft 4 launches this October with a visual overhaul and a redesigned sales pipeline that will help you support and understand your agency better than ever.

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Boosting Agents to Infinity and Beyond with Enhanced Claims Downloads

Paul Hawkins (Founder and CEO HawkSoft) with Buzz Lightyear

1995 was a notable year. HawkSoft and Buzz Lightyear both began their blast into the future. Twenty-two years later, we are still...

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