HawkSoft becomes the first AMS to support Agriculture/Farm policy downloads in partnership with Ivans and AUGIE

Working in conjunction with AUGIE, Ivans, and the industry to create Agricultural standards for policy downloads, HawkSoft is proud to announce that the HawkSoft Insurance Platform can now receive...

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Leveraging AI and ChatGPT for the Modern Insurance Agent

Guest blog by David Carothers

Guest blogs are written by contributors outside of HawkSoft. The author's views are entirely their own and may not reflect the views of HawkSoft.

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Thoughts from Big I's First InsurTech Summit

As part of its meeting in Savannah, GA, at the end of January, the Big I held its first-ever InsurTech Summit. The event included two enlightening panels on insurance technology and where it’s...

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On the same team: a chat with ACT's Chris Cline on solving agency tech problems

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The Elite Client Experience: Tips from the 2019 Rough Notes Agency of the Year

Image Source: Arturo Paulino, Rough Notes

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May 2019 ACT Meeting

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Do You Know How to Harness Vital KPIs to Drive Your Agency's Growth?

 If you’re a sports fan, you know that stats can make or break an athlete. Every sport out there uses data to rank and measure the performance of teams and its members. The recruitment of athletes is...

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3 things agents should learn about cyber insurance and 4 steps to selling it.

This cartoon originally appeared in the Central Penn Business Journal. Used with permission.

“Alexa, activate level 10 cybersecurity defenses, now! And get me my insurance agent.”

Maybe, one day,...

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It’s not Doomsday yet… The Big D of Differentiation

Source: Shutterstock

There are a lot of  Ds in the insurance industry lingo these days. The most concerning is talk about the d emise of the independent insurance agent due to InsurTech d ... Read More